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Case Study

Alpacas Pens – Stalls – Transportation during Shows

Odor Control


Alpacas are usually penned on grass sod over concrete floors during shows. They tend to go in one spot which gets saturated and generates odors.

Occasionally, Alpacas are housed in horse stalls or box stalls during shows and transported in trailers that have clay floors. To prevent the fleece on show animals from getting contaminated, turf grass type rugs are used. Alpacas go on top of the rugs which get stained and retain odor.

Detergents are used with pressure washers to clean the rugs; however, stains remain in areas where dung was present.


After removing manure from the pens, the Organic Product was sprayed in dung areas to deodorize. After removing manure from box stalls and trailers, the rugs under the dung areas were sprayed with the Organic Product to deodorize during the show and during transportation to and from the show.

The Organic Product delivered the added advantage of removing the stain from the turf grass. The customary use of the pressure washer to clean the rugs was continued upon use of the Organic Product with the surprising outcome that all of the rug stains were removed along with the odor.

Alpaca owners were concerned that the dark brown color of the Organic Product might stain the fiber of the Alpacas upon lying in treated rug areas. An experiment soaking alpaca fibers in full strength Organic Product yielded a snow-white fiber upon rinsing. Upon this finding the alpaca legs are being sprayed with Organic Product and rinse with water with tangible stain cleaning results.


Spraying the Organic Product in stalls, pens, trailers and accessory equipment used to transport, house and show alpacas was effective in reducing, controlling and eliminating odors from alpaca waste and as added advantage removed stains from rugs and the alpaca fleece.

The recommended application is by spray in a concentration of 3-5 oz/gal to be adjusted to according to the severity of the problem and the observed performance of the Organic Product.

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