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Case Study

Cheese Factory

Odor and Total Solids Reduction


A small cheese plant with a 10,000 gallons per day flow rate was experiencing bad odor problems, as well as poor degradation, solids on surface sand filters, and poor settling in their 140,000 gallons aerobic digester.


An Organic Product was added to all tanks in the system and odors generated by hydrogen sulfide and other mercaptans were reduced by 95 – 100% within 24 hours. The air system was changed to provide more dissolved oxygen in the aeration tanks. The product was added to the aeration tanks along with a commercial bacterium, resulting in clear water and better settling in the clarifier.

The plant had been using polymers to obtain settling in the clarifier. This procedure was stopped, no more polymer is being used for settling, resulting in considerable savings in cost to the plant.

The product and commercial bacteria were added to the aerobic digester once a week. The last time this tank was decanted 80,000 gallons of clear water was discharged.


The Organic Product performed extremely well in reducing odors as well as reducing TSS and improving settling. The product is being applied daily at this plant.

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