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Case Study

Chicken Processing Plant Retention Ponds and Irrigation Guns

Odor Control and Solids Reduction


A chicken processing plant in South Georgia has a 1.2 million gallons per day wastewater stream. The wastewater treatment system consists of a series of 4 ponds, all anaerobic. The wastewater travels from the first pond to the second through a gravity feed system. From the second pond the water is pumped to ponds 3 and 4. The plant has a wastewater land application permit and the water from ponds 3 and 4 is pumped to irrigation guns which spray the wastewater onto hay fields. Two major problems existed. The solids cap buildup (mostly grease, fats, and feathers) on the first pond had reached levels of 24 in. to a maximum of 42 in. and the retention capacity of the pond was greatly diminished. The plant also experienced major odor problems during from hydrogen sulfide and ammonia at the irrigation guns.


Ponds 2, 3 and 4 were shocked with 500 gallons of an Organic Product. The product was applied with a high-pressure pump and fire hose to each pond and metered into the system with a continuous feed pump as the wastewater leaves the plant and before it discharges into pond 1. The rate used was 35-40 PPM of a daily flow of 1.2 million gallons (45 gal./day).


Within 72 hours after the treatment started, the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia odors at the irrigation guns were eliminated. At the end of 30 days the grease and fat cap on pond 1 was reduced by 47%.

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