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Case Study

Hog Farm 5.5 Million Gallons Waste Lagoon

Hydrogen Sulfide, Total Suspended Solids and Biological Oxygen Demand Treatment


A hog farm in U.S. South East Georgia faced a 5.5 million gallons waste lagoon that went septic. The lagoon had no biological activity and the solids build-up on the surface was critical. The farm was also producing high levels of hydrogen sulfide odors. The strong odors at times prevented farm employees from performing their duties due to respiratory and eye irritation problems.


The waste lagoon was treated with a single application of an Organic Product at 50 PPM (~250 gal.). There was an immediate noticeable reduction in odors from the lagoon. Within 14 days, the lagoon showed biological activity and substantial reduction in surface solids. At 21 days, the lagoon was biologically active, the water regained its normal color and surface solids were eliminated.

The barns were treated for hydrogen sulfide by adding one quart of the Organic Product to each of two 242-gal. rinse tanks in each barn. The rinse tanks were used to flush the pit area under the barns twice daily. The hydrogen sulfide reduction was immediate. Covers were removed from the junction boxes and no odors were present.

The Organic Product was also used in the cleaning process of the farrowing barn applying it with the chemical input line on a pressure washer at a rate of 6-8 oz./gal. The interior of the barn was thoroughly washed with the product with outstanding results. Only the smell of the feed was apparent in the farrowing barn immediately following the treatment.

Upon application of the Organic Product in the barn facilities the employees experienced reductions in respiratory or eye irritation problems.


The Organic Product solved the TSS and BOD problems in the waste lagoon after a single treatment. The lagoon was functioning properly 21 days after the treatment. Hydrogen sulfide odors were greatly reduced by using the product in the pit rinse system at the farm.

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