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Case Study

Paper Mill

Odor Control


A paper mill in South Georgia was receiving odor complaints from residents and businesses near the site. The mill has an average daily wastewater flow of 10 million gallons. The treatment system consists of a clarifier, then a series of 4 large anaerobic settling ponds. The plant determined that the primary odor problem was generated by the 2nd pond in the series. This pond is approximately 52 acres in size with a capacity of ~81 million gallons. Hydrogen sulfide levels from this pond ran as high as 224 PPM.


An Organic Product was recommended with a secondary objective of reducing bottom sludge in the treatment pond. A metering point was selected along the canal connecting ponds 1 and 2.

Treatment began with the product metered in at 500 gal./day (50 PPM/day). This daily feed rate was maintained for the first 3 days of treatment. On the fourth day, the feed rate was reduced to 100 gal./day (10 PPM/day). 1,700 gallons of the Organic Product was applied over the surface area of the pond via a crop duster airplane and a high-pressure hose from the banks of the pond. By the end of the day, and after the second phase of the shock treatment was complete, the odors were nearly non-existent.

The daily feed rate was reduced to 40 gal./day on the eighth day of treatment and this daily feed rate continued through the fifteenth day of treatment.


At the end of 15 days of treatment, the plant determined that the demonstration was a success and ordered product to continue treatment for the next 100 days. The daily feed rate continued to be reduced to a target maintenance feed rate of 30 gal./day (3 PPM/day of flow).

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