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Most effective odor control products marketed in the RV industry contain toxic ingredients potentially harmful or fatal if ingested or inhaled. Most are masking agents that cover up offensive odors from holding tanks. Additionally, the use of toxic chemicals limits acceptance in many disposal and collection sites of RV holding tank wastewater refuse. Most of the RV industry consumers would prefer to use a natural, environmentally friendly, product if it proved to be effective at controlling odors.


An Organic Product utilizing the same technology used in formulations for the portable toilet industry, proved to be extremely effective in 7 field trials. The RV holding tests revealed that this highly concentrated product could be applied at a rate of 4-6 oz. per 40 gallon holding tank to achieve outstanding odor control results. Comparable products on the market require a higher product charge per 40 gallon holding tank. The “black water” contained in the holding tank for the toilet was held for 5 days in the test. The product controlled the odors remarkably well.


The Organic Product for RV odor control is a natural, effective alternative to the hazardous chemicals currently being marketed in the recreational vehicle industry. Harmless to human, animal, and marine life when used as directed, this product provides a safe alternative for the health of consumers and their families, as well as a beneficial one for the environment. With recommended application rates at one-half the industry standard, the product is also cost-effective.

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