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Case Study

Seafood Restaurant Septic System

Malfunctioning Tanks and Blocked Leach Fields


A seafood restaurant outside the city limits was faced with a septic system that was malfunctioning. The restaurant had two 1,000 gal. septic tanks. The drain fields for both tanks were blocked and damaged and neither was functioning properly. The business had a major decision to make. The city had plans to extend the municipal sewer service to the area within 18 months. If the restaurant repaired the drain fields, it would face a large expense and potential loss of revenue during drain fields repair as the parking lot would be disrupted. As a temporary solution, the restaurant was forced to pump the tanks every two weeks. The business needed an alternative to repairing a system that would not be used in 18 months, and a more cost-effective short-term solution than pumping often.


The restaurant began using an Organic Product with the expectation to reduce the frequency of “pump-outs”. The septic system was shocked with 2.5 gallons of the product on the first day of treatment. The day after treatment began a noticeable reduction of odors emitted from the floor and sink drains in the restaurant. The product was added to the system at rate of one-half gallons every third day, applied at the close of business on the 3rd day to prevent any potential washout and give the product more time to work in the grease traps.


Treatment over five months resulted in a significant reduction in pump-outs. Prior to treatment, pump-outs were needed every 2 weeks. Following the introduction of the Organic Product into the system, the frequency of required pump-outs was extended to ~ 7 weeks. Over 5 months the restaurant saved substantial costs of pump-outs.

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